Early Education

Teaching in the English language

This teaching methodology allows children to develop competency in English through in a continuous learning process, encouraged by authentic strategies, in a fun school environment.

All this communication allows children to develop comprehension abilities such as communication and writing in a very natural way. The only exception occurs at Portuguese classes, started at the Intermediate Kindergarten level, when students have the first contact with Portuguese as a language used for teaching.


The early childhood education program at Maple Bear teaches many English language concepts through play and sets literacy in Portuguese as a priority.

Program Age (Age (until June 30th)
Little Toddler Starting at 14 months
Toddler (Maternal I) 2 years old
Nursery (Maternal II) 3 years old
Junior Kindergarten (Pré I) 4 years old
Intermediate Kindergarten (Pré II) 5 years old


At the Intermediate Kindergarten level, students will be taught content in their mother tongue and will be encouraged to explore and decode the alphabet. Beyond this, the school will help the students cultivate positive learning habits such as sharing sources of information, comparing ideas and opinions, interpreting different languages and developing critical thinking.


REGULAR From 8:00 to 12:00) From 13:30 to 15:30
The regular period includes the following services:
snack, educational and arts and crafts material, the Maple Bear Program, Music class and a Psychomotor skills development period (specialized teachers).
INTEGRAL From 7:00 AM to 19:00
In this period the following items are included:
two snacks, lunch, dinner, extra hours, pedagogical and craft material, Maple Bear Program, Music and a Psychomotor skills development period (specialized teachers), judo, ballet and capoeira as well as art, cooking workshops and other fun projects.