Elementary Education

Teaching in the language

As well as it is in the Early Education Program, the Maple Bear Elementary Education Program is based in the Canadian Model of Education – frequently listed in the five best from the world in Language, Math and Science.

Among the content of the Program are the observation, the resolution of problems and decision-making, activities that contribute to the independence of children, as well as to their critical thought. Thus, the students develop academically and socially, creating an environment for the learning and the social interaction.

Elementary Education at Maple Bear

The program attends the curriculum stablished by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Since it is a bilingual method, part of the curriculum is taught in English and the other half in Portuguese.

Subjects Language
History, Geography and Portuguese Languag 100% in Portuguese
Mathematics, Science and English 100% in English
Phisical Education, Music and Arts English/Portuguese

Program Age (until June 30th)
Year 1 6 years old
Year 2 7 years old
Year 3 8 years old
Year 4 9 years old
Year 5 10 years old

The students from Maple Bear Canadian School are benefited from the excellent quality of the Canadian teaching and of the great Portuguese program, which fits the Brazilian Cultural Reality.

Children who are taught in a bilingual system develop the abilities in a new language and tend to have a better development in the first language as well. Besides this, research prove that the abilities acquired in a language are transferred to another language.

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English Program

The English Program develops all the competences in communication, including comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in the language. Subjects as Science and Math are also based in the modern programs used in Canada.

The subjects taught in English are: English Language Arts, Math and Science.

Bridges Elementary

To give support to those who are not yet fluent in the second language, Maple Bear has developed the Bridges Elementary, applied to new students in Elementary Education. The material is based on research about bilingualism from Canada and on authentic programs for linguistic development for children.

Portuguese Program

The Portuguese Program, as important as the English one, includes the teaching of Brazilian regional and national values. Experienced Brazilian Educators thought of the same principals of the Canadian Education to the development of an exclusive Portuguese Program at Maple Bear.

Routine – Synonym of Quality

Amplified knowledge

In the bilingual learning of reading and writing at Maple Bear, the teacher is always attentive to the development of each student. At Intermediate Kindergarten, when the process of Literacy in the Portuguese Language begins, and in Year 1, with the continuation of this process in both languages, the interpretation of the initial production of the children makes it possible for the teacher to understand the hypothesis made by the student.

By having contact with many ways of communication (Newspaper, magazines, books etc.) and studying them, the student builds the capacity to read and write with autonomy.

At Maple Bear, the Literacy Environment offers participation in Reading and writing real life situations, such as the Reading of the rules of a game, the production of invitations to school events, the production of notes to parents etc. Besides this, the students engage in daily activities of Reading different types of literature, including classical work, as well as contemporary authors of children Literature.

In order to guarantee the success of the Program, the school routine contemplates situations of reflexion about the Literacy System. The Program also includes various activities with different purposes and, at the same time, provides amplifications of the same activity to a gradual development of responsibility and the consequent raise of the group and individual development.

Getting to Know Maple Bear Brazil

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Maple Bear also sponsors a blog, which talks about questions related to bilingual teaching and to the Canadian Methodology.

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