Originally from Canada, Maple Bear Global Schools is an international brand with branches in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Since 2004, the Maple Bear network has opened more than 50 certified schools throughout Brazil. Immersion in the English language and the world’s highest standards for education are two of the pillars of the Maple Bear methodology.

Canadian Education

World Reference

Since 1970, Canadian Education is officially bilingual (English and French). Canada is a world reference in that field. Canada invests 8% of its GDP in education upholding excellent teaching standards, with qualified teachers and well-equipped classrooms. For over a decade now, Canadian students benefitting from this methodology have consistently scored high in the international rankings yielded by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which tests students across the globe every three years.

What Sets Us Apart

Maple Bear offers an innovative early childhood and elementary education program. The program is based on the curriculum developed by Canadian specialists. Its content stimulates linguistic, intellectual, personal and social development, which are intrinsically part of all phases of learning. Children are encouraged to research information and to develop practical and thinking skills.

Teachers are constantly trained and assessed as they need to meet the brand’s international criteria and standards of quality. This evaluation is the guarantee that all the teachers are pedagogically prepared and qualified to teach respecting the Canadian Methodology.

Bilingual Education

Being a bilingual school means much more than teaching a second language. It means to teach the child to learn and think in two languages. Read more about bilingualism on the Blog www.ensinobilingue.com.br

According to current studies, the earlier a child begins to learn a second language; the more effectively it will be acquired.

When children start going to school, they consider learning a pleasant experience. They are therefore more engaged and keen to learn. The Maple Bear Program reinforces and builds a positive attitude by offering stimulating experiences that are age-appropriate. The knowledge and the skills children acquire at the end of pre-school become build up a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning and fosters future academic success.

Educational Structure

Teaching in English

This teaching methodology allows children to develop competency in the English language, through a continuous learning process, encouraged by authentic strategies, in a fun school environment.

All this communication allows children to develop comprehension skills such as communicating and writing in a very natural way. The only exception occurs during Portuguese class, which is introduced at the Intermediate Kindergarten level, where content will be taught in Portuguese for the first time.


The young learners program at Maple Bear includes many elements from the English language and sets literacy in Portuguese as a priority.

Program Age
Little Toddler a partir de 1 ano e 2 meses
Toddler 2 years old
Nursery 3 years old
Junior Kindergarten 4 years old
Intermediate Kindergarten 5 years old

Program Age (until June 30th)
Year 1 6 years old
Year 2 7 years old
Year 3 8 years old
Year 4 9 years old
Year 5 10 years old


At the Intermediate Kindergarten level, students will be exposed to their mother tongue daily. They are encouraged to share information sources, compare ideas and opinions, interpret different languages and develop critical thinking, beyond the incentives to the investigation of the written alphabet.

Elementary School

From Year 1 (6 years old) up, half of the program is given in English. In this first half, children learn English, Mathematics and Science. The subjects taught in Portuguese are: Portuguese Language, Geography and History. All the subjects, independently of in what language they are taught, are planned to help the student in the developmental stage where he/she is.

Subjects Language
History, Geography and Portuguese Language 100% in Portuguese
Mathematics, Science and English 100% in English
Phisical Education, Music and Arts English/Portuguese: choice made by the school